It’s Frieze New York week, and artfully minded sophisticates from all over the globe are descending upon the city as I write. In addition to the actual Frieze Art Fair, we are all eagerly anticipating Collective Design, NADA, Select, and the big spring auctions. Whether we like to admit it or not, we do care what we wear “to fair.” It’s a very careful balance between chic and practical (you can spot the amateurs from a mile away by the heels alone). Hence, I have checked in with some favorite art, fashion, and design tastemakers for some expert advice on fair wear.


Clockwise from top: David Gryn; dog and backpack; Oh, the Humanity, Jon Rafman; New Balance trainers.


Daata Editions launches May 14, 2015, and is a new online platform dedicated to the support, promotion, and collecting of artists’ digital moving images and sound. Artists’ works commissioned for Season One include: Ilit Azoulay, Helen Benigson, David Blandy, Matt Copson, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Daniel Keller and Martti Kalliala, Lina Lapelyte, Rachel Maclean, Florian Meisenberg, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman, Charles Richardson, Amalia Ulman, Stephen Vitiello, and Chloe Wise. New subscribers get a free copy of Jon Rafman’s Oh, the Humanity.


D: What is the one thing you always bring to an art fair?
DG: A sense of balance. It is a place where you can easily get knocked off balance by all sorts of people and encounters—as there are always so many variant and fascinating agendas, people there to sell art, look at art, collect art, network, market, catwalk, to be seen, have fun, learn. Primarily for me it is a place to meet art-world contacts whom I know or hope will be in that space and be able to communicate on current and future projects. Looking at artworks at art fairs is usually somewhat compromised, but it is a very easy way to get a sense of what galleries are showing and observe current trends. However, as art fairs are selling processes, galleries are less likely to take too many risks.

D: Bag or no bag? If bag, what kind?
DG: No bag. I like to travel light, so I can move swiftly. Usually when I have a bag, I feel like a tortoise and end up not using anything that was in the bag, so it ends up being more of a pointless weight-lifting exercise. If I do carry a bag it is likely to be a rucksack or a Fair-branded bag.

D: Best fair shoes?
DG: I prefer trainers, either Nikes or, more pertinently, New Balance, but my wife thinks that I should be more sophisticated. However, I usually veer toward comfort and speed. I am very fast at navigating around art fairs.



pari dust

Clockwise from top: Pari with Philippe Decrauzat at Praz-Delavallade, photo by Tylor Hou; Chanel grosgrain oxford sandal; Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in Rosa.


Pari is a fashion influencer whose entire platform is based on fashion inspired by the art and architecture that surrounds. Named Fashion Instagrammer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Pari is a beautiful girl both inside and out. I have had the pleasure of exploring art fairs and auctions with this dynamo. She started her career as an interior designer. However, she was so inspired by her favorite minimalist artists on her Saturday gallery hops that she switched her creative focus to the art/fashion relationship. Now, she scouts the world for inspiring art and then styles a shoot accordingly. Pari can be camera-ready for the art fairs in a New York minute.


D: What is the one thing you always bring to an art fair?
PE: An outfit to complement the art.

D: Bag or no bag? If bag, what kind?
PE: Bag! Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in Rosa.

D: Best fair shoes?
PE: Chanel grosgrain oxford sandals.


oliver furth

Clockwise from top: Oliver Furth; living room by Oliver Furth, photos by Stephen Busken; Nike Free trainers.


In addition to being one of Hollywood’s most influential designers, Oliver Furth has consulted for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as their Decorative Arts and Design Council Chair, has co-produced the annual Los Angeles Antiques Art + Design Show, and has launched LA><ART><DESIGN in partnership with leading contemporary arts organization LA><ART. Oliver, a collector himself, is a collector’s designer. His sensibility embodies the exploding, global conversation between art, design, and lifestyle. I caught him on his way to Collective and visits to his friends David Wiseman and Mary Weatherford’s upcoming New York shows. 


D: What is the one thing you always bring to an art fair?
OF: My partner in crime, and in life, Sean Yashar. Sean’s eye is spot-on, sometimes even more discerning than mine. It’s great to have him to bounce ideas off of and discuss what we’ve seen during the day. It’s also good to be together in case we need to act quickly to snatch a piece of can’t-live-without art.

D: Bag or no bag? If bag, what kind?
OF: No bag. I like to leave my hands and shoulders free. But I’ve been known to buy a painting or small table and lug it around with me the rest of the day. You have to be ready to act fast!

D: Best fair shoes?
OF: My uniform, for fairs or otherwise, is a white shirt/jeans/blue blazer. If I have a day of walking ahead of me, I prefer a comfortable—and often colorful—pair of sneakers, like Nike Free. I have a dozen pairs, but am especially into an obnoxious shade of highlighter yellow—easy to be found in a crowd!

Xx Lottie Dottie