I couldn’t let a week of notebooks get by without noting something a little personal. Okay, that was bad—sorry. In all seriousness, notebooks are my obsession. I can barely have a conversation without taking notes. When I attend any lecture, conduct any interview, or do any research, I am mentally paralyzed without a notebook and pen in hand. It is my dream to be the girl who keeps it all neatly tucked away in a digital program like Evernote. But, for now, I simply can’t even process a thought if I haven’t recorded it on wide rule (and locked it down with my own special cocktail of doodles that usually consists of flowers, eyes, lips, and noses). By the way, more often than not, I never actually look at the notes again. It’s just my thing….

Anywho, if I am being totally honest, my recording devices of choice are old-fashioned legal pads and Pilot fine-point, V7 rolling ball pens. The feel of this very smooth rolling pen across the pad just allows the brilliant epiphanies and designs to flow. However, when I need to step up my game and bring a tad more chic into the whole situation, here are my top three notebooks and pens. It’s worth stocking up right here, right now, as these items do tend to disappear into the unknown depths of your favorite Birkin just when you need them most. And, they are great little gifts for friends who still appreciate the art of putting pen to paper.


Xx Lottie Dottie