During this week of Barbecues and Art, I can’t help but think about great tables themselves. A really wonderful table can serve so many different purposes aside from merely a food holder. It is often the anchor of a room and a frame for whatever is set upon it. As such, I am quite discerning about my tables. Serve your summer barbecue on these and you are certain to have the most beautiful food presentation in all the land.




I have been in love with this Yves Klein Table Bleue since…well, since I discovered YKB when I began collecting. It is beautiful and a bit fragile, with its resin-filled plexiglass that tends to shift ever so slightly if anyone touches it. Nonetheless, I use it as a functional coffee table.


Dominique Lévy Gallery
909 Madison Avenue
New York City



rashid johnson table


There were many naysayers who thought I was nuts for acquiring a table filled with shea butter. Nonetheless, I knew this table was everything when I visited Rashid’s Islands show. The table is a most exquisite anchor to our family room, and I am assured there will be no conservation issues.


David Kordansky Gallery
5130 West Edgewood Place
Los Angeles



Mary Heillman Red Tile Table


There will always be something about Mary. Everyone is familiar with Mary’s chairs since they have taken a starring role on the Whitney museum rooftop. However, you need to know she also designs equally phenomenal tables.


Hauser & Wirth
London, Zurich, New York, and coming to L.A. 2015: Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel

303 Gallery
507 West 24th Street
New York City




No one could miss Sam Falls’s stunning marble-inlay table at the Independent. The only issue was, it seemed like a crime to separate it from his gorgeous piece on the wall behind it. I do lose a bit of sleep wondering where this table found a home.


Hannah Hoffman Gallery
1010 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles

Xx Lottie Dottie