When I recall how concerned we were about fashion during our overnight-camp years, I cringe. I mean, how many Naf Naf tops, pairs of Guess jeans, and Camp Beverly Hills garb did one need for eight weeks in the wilderness? My mum refused to even let me take my “real” clothes in favor of designer copies from a local outlet. How anyone could even see down to the clothes past our Sun-In orange, Sebastian-hair-sprayed hairdos is a whole other issue anyway. The point is, camp is the place where your fashion should appear effortless. Whether we are talking drop-off, visiting day, or you actually still attend summer camp, here are the best pieces. Though it may sound simple, sometimes the best basics are the hardest pieces to find.




Wearing American Vintage t-shirt and Frame Denim bermuda shorts

Wearing American Vintage T-shirt and Frame Denim Bermuda shorts


It’s really challenging to find a great-fitting T-shirt. Not to be the princess and the pea, but for me, it’s all about the neckline and the armhole. If either of these details is too high or too fitted, it’s over! Here are my favorite T-shirts that look fabulous on any and all body types.





At Camp Green Lane wearing Rag & Bone tank and AG shorts.

At Camp Green Lane wearing Rag & Bone tank and AG shorts

As basic as shorts are, they can become tricky for women of a certain age or weight. My best advice is to be real about your body type, get a spray tan, and throw on a pair of wedges to add a little length to your leg!




Wearing Volcom sweatshirt and Rag & Bone jean shorts

Wearing Volcom sweatshirt and Rag & Bone jean shorts

There is nothing better than a soft, cozy sweatshirt. There is also nothing worse than one that is stiff, too fitted, or has too small of a neck hole. The best sweatshirts are like having your blankie with you.




Just kidding! Collectistas don’t let friends go out in sweatpants.


Xx Lottie Dottie