First, what the flagernoggin is a yurt? A yurt is formally defined as a “circular tent of felt and skins on a collapsible frame used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey.” In 2013 in Los Angeles, it was all about celebrating “Makers” in Levi’s yurts and several other nomadic art structures at Doug Aitken’s Station to Station, a public art project that is the creative genius of the Los Angeles contemporary artist. The light-changing, oscillating, lit caboose train left Pittsburgh on September 2, and traveled through several U.S. cities, eventually landing in Los Angeles. I must admit, I didn’t really understand what we were going to experience, as we crawled through the L.A. traffic for two hours to get to the VIP cocktail reception at Union Station. When we finally arrived, the still-functioning, historic downtown train station was bustling with hundreds of people who neither knew where to go nor what to do. After we finally figured out where to park, we arrived inside the 1920s Dutch/Mission Revival building to discover that we had missed the cocktail hour, so we moved on to track 13 to see “the train.” On our way, a nomadic drummer followed by a man with a whip surprised all passersby as they danced through the station. Then, we admired the bright, ever-changing lights on the train, which, sadly, no one was permitted to board. After taking photos of art history in the making, we proceeded to the yurts and tents, where hoards of beer-drinking artists, collectors, and other happy revelers enjoyed Levi’s Makers, interactive art, films, and music by Beck and others.

Check out when Station to Station is, well, pulling into a station near you. Next stop: London.


Doug Aitken: Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening
On View Until July 26, 2015
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
+020 7638 8891

Xx Lottie Dottie

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