Since when did sports and art have to be mutually exclusive? Well, never! As such, more and more art collectors and patrons are realizing the value of sharing wonderful art with sports fans. Some cynics may argue that a hustle-bustle stadium is not the proper venue for contemplative art viewing. I say we should all access and appreciate art in whatever way we can. Hence, museum-quality art in sporting venues is a win for everyone. Take a look at my three favorite examples.



The Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium definitely has the most publicized contemporary art collection. The Jones family personally selected all the works with the help of Zlot Buell & Associates advisers (Sabrina Buell was one of my favorite gallerists at Matthew Marks for several years). They put together a council of well-regarded local art professionals and collectors to oversee the project. Now, when you attend a football game, you are welcomed with the added bonus of a museum-quality art exhibit. Artists on view include some of my faves like Mel Bochner, Olafur Eliasson, Jenny Holzer, and Anish Kapoor. Like sports, art is a universal language. Go, Cowboys! (Oopsie—Mr. Dottie may divorce me over that one. When the Eagles step up, I will write about their stadium too.)

AT&T Stadium Art Tours
One AT&T Way
Arlington, Texas


When a bestie Collectista and I arrived in Barcelona last summer with our two teenage boys, the first place the concierge sent us was on a Camp Nou tour. Camp Nou is at the FC Barcelona stadium. Wait—don’t skip over this one if you aren’t a fútbol fan. In addition to offering tours of the stadium and locker room, it houses an amazing sports museum, as well as a crazy Nike fútbol store. This stop is your perfect way to acquire chits with Mr. Dottie when you want to visit the Miró and Picasso museums and maybe even an extra Gaudí house. Though nowhere near the same quality or quantity as Dallas, there are totally fab paintings and photographs toward the end of the tour.

Camp Nou
C. Arístides Maillol 12
Barcelona, Spain
+34 902 18 99 00



Though it is a world-class collection, the Hunt family’s mission differed a bit from the Jones’s in Dallas. The stadium had always been known for its stellar architecture, and the Hunt family felt it deserved an art collection to match. More specifically, this collection is intended to celebrate local artists and provide educational opportunities and art engagement for the community. There are currently more than 30 pieces, all created by regional masters. Last year, the Chiefs inaugurated a Common Core–like educational curriculum for 8- to 12-year-old children.


Arrowhead Art Collection Tour
1 Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, Missouri
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