I recently noticed when I looked at self-photos (not to be confused with selfies, thank you) that something was very, very off around my eyes. Was I overdue for Botox? Had I inherited my father’s heavy eyelids and it was time to see a plastic surgeon? Egad!!! It was my eyebrows.

Not to give way to extreme vanity, but when I studied the timeline, it became clear that recent brow professionals had taken me down a road to harsh, angry-shaped brows that were aging me horribly. These professionals can add or erase decades in a single pluck—beware. In order to rectify the situation, I went cold turkey and grew out my eyebrows for four whole months until my and Sania Vucetaj’s schedules coordinated. By the time I huffed and puffed up her steep walk-up, straight off the Hampton Jitney, Goyard trolley in tow, in three-inch Chanel heels for an early-evening cocktail party in the same neighborhood, I looked like a Marx sibling. After only 10 minutes in Sania’s chair, I was my younger self again. I am now obsessed with Sania’s Brow Bar.

Sania started shaping friends’ and family’s brows 25 years ago because she had a scar on her own brows. Eventually, she earned a license and became an official “brow girl” at Bergdorf Goodman. Now, Sania has her own brow bar in the Flatiron District and all of the most beautiful collectistas swear by her artistry. “Every hair makes a statement,” says Sania. Hence, she recommends this 10-step program to your best, most youthful, sophisticated brows:

  1. Diagnosis: Sania sees 30 to 40 sets of brows daily. She can make a diagnosis in about three seconds. She touches the brows and studies them. She will catch you when you have used a magnifying mirror—it creates dots around the brow!
  2. Patience: One rarely gets instant gratification with brows. Better brows take time and care.
  3. Preservation: Preserve your brow hairs by not allowing lotions, sunscreen, or foundation anywhere near them. Don’t even use growth serums. You always want to keep your eyelids taut and your brows growing.
  4. Less Is More: Overtweezing is the devil. It is most women’s biggest mistake.
  5. Perfect Pencil: Sania has created a flawless pencil. It is not too waxy, has the perfect angle, and is a cross between a liner and a powder. Using this pencil is crazy easy and you won’t look like Joan Crawford. Promise!
  6. Stencil: Create your own personal stencil by outlining your desired shape and then filling it in. Tweeze only the hairs outside the outline.
  7. No Waxing: Waxing stretches the very thin skin around your eyes and is not precise.
  8. No Threading: Threading causes hair breakage and threaded brows grow in very messy.
  9. No Magnifying Mirror: You should only pluck your brows once every two to three weeks, tops. A magnifying mirror causes overtweezing and creates little dots in the brows.
  10. Trust Yourself: You know how your eyes and brows look the most open and youthful. Until you find your right professional, you are better off tweezing them yourself.

As an extra little tidbit, Sania shared that the “current” brow is fuller, with a little arch to open the eyes. Her favorite celeb brows are Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Aniston’s. Jen’s are lifted, dark, and have perfect fullness. She would love to get her tweezers on Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore. All I know is, I was convinced I was going to die a tragic death getting down those steep stairs with the Goyard trolley and the three-inch heels following my appointment. I just prayed that if I broke my neck, they would have an open casket so everyone could see my fabulous, dream brows that I have been searching for my entire life.

Xx Lottie Dottie

Sania’s Brow Bar
48 West 20th Street
New York City
(212) 247-1129

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