I am not saying to wrap yourself in the American flag literally or figuratively. However, there is some incredibly chic red, white, and blue fashion out there. You don’t even have to wear it all at once if that is just a little much for you. Here are my favorite ways to wear red, white, and blue that you may have overlooked.




You know I would never recommend any trend we see coming and going all over the place. The moment it’s in the Sunday Styles section, it’s already over as far as I am concerned. However, I can’t help but notice every time I am in Paris that the très chicest women are wearing red trousers. Since we don’t all live in the City of Love, we are safe rolling with this one. Here are the best of the current and upcoming seasons.





lottie dottie in chloe white blouse and chloe cady pant

Wearing a Chloé blouse and pants at MOCA.


I just can’t own enough fabulous white shirts. Every time I find an amazing one, I grab it. We need to face the facts that when worn frequently, white shirts don’t fare so well in the stain and yellowing departments. Hence, stock up!





I am a sucker for anything blue and wear it as a neutral. It is beyond fun to mix a little YKB with animal prints and exotic textures. Not so many pieces pop up in an individual season. Hence, if you are into it, start collecting now!



Xx Lottie Dottie