By day, Susi Kenna is a social media expert with a top art public relations firm. However, she is also the creative genius behind Nail Art History. As we Collectistas continue to realize, art is everywhere and there are always new ways of accessing it. Susi provides a platform for sharing museum-quality art that anyone with any background can understand: manicures.

Once a month, Susi Kenna presents a new piece of collectible art on her nails. The execution of this reinterpretation is no simple task. Each new work takes several weeks and players to pull the finished product together. Here are 7 steps to making Nail Art History:

1. Spend a full week researching, designing, and photographing the chosen artwork. Secure a high-resolution image of the details in order to determine the length and the shape of the nail set.
2. Get gel extensions prepped at a salon.
3. Photograph your hand and use it to build a Photoshop template.
4. Map out all 10 nails and blow up the images.
5. A professional manicurist can then utilize the images to mix polish colors and figure out the remaining execution of a design.
6. Paint all 10 nails (a great job takes about six hours).
7. Have a photographer shoot, edit, and retouch.

Susi has experimented with the details over time. The most important matters are great initial design, and then representing it with integrity. There are definitely limitations. “For example, I couldn’t do Mary Weatherford’s latest show because I can’t re-create the neon well.” She used to pull multiple pieces by an individual artist. Now, Susi finds the results are better when she uses a single piece on all 10 nails. “There is a whole nail art community,” says Susi. As a result, she already has 52,000 Tumblr followers, and more recently started following her awesome Instagram feed. You really need to see her work and learn a little art history along the way.

Xx Lottie Dottie

Nail Art History