Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best one of them all? Well, I am slightly over utilizing the mirror as space filler. Nonetheless, a mirror is still the best way to make a room appear larger and add a stylish accent to any room. When searching for a great mirror, go big or go home. Mirrors with too much embellishment can really weigh down a room. But, one that is too minimal risks defeating the purpose altogether. Here are a few contemporary mirrors that are fabulous anywhere.


Misha Kahn

Misha Kahn Mirrors

Misha Kahn Mirrors

I am a huge fan of the Friedman Benda design gallery. In all honesty, I often look to them for a seal of approval if I am at all hesitant about whether design is true collectible art or just a trend. Misha Kahn is one of the many amazing artists they represent. Born in Minnesota and a graduate of RISD, Misha works in New York. He makes sexy, fun, contemporary mirrors out of resin, vinyl, and glass. I can’t guarantee that you can actually see a true reflection in all of them, but let’s not get caught up in the weeds here. Function is way overused and overrated.


Misha Kahn

Friedman Benda
515 West 26th Street
New York City


Hervé Van der Straeten

Herve Van see Straten Mirror

Herve Van der Straeten Mirror

When we built a home about a decade ago, I felt it wouldn’t be complete without a Hervé Van der Straeten branch mirror. My taste has become more minimal since then, but I do still love the mirror as well as his many other bronze creations. Van der Straeten has his own gallery in Paris, but his limited-edition works are available through other luxury showrooms as well. His pieces have an elegant aesthetic, and you don’t see it coming and going everywhere.


Galerie Van der Straeten
11 Rue Ferdinand Duval
+00 33 1 42 78 99 99

Maison Gerard
53 East 10th Street
New York City

Ralph Pucci
44 West 18th Street
New York City


Christophe Côme

Christophe Côme Enamel Mirror

Christophe Côme Enamel Mirror

Christophe Côme is a French artist who utilizes primarily iron and glass. He works in the great tradition of artists and craftsmen. With a keen eye for architectural and sculptural forms, his pieces are stylish yet classic. Côme actually started his career producing jewelry and sculpture. In the 1990s, he began exploring furniture as well. His mirrors, in particular, are beyond elegant and are all about process and fine craftsmanship.


Cristina Grajales Gallery
152 West 25th Street
3rd floor
New York City


Xx Lottie Dottie