Everyone who knows anything about contemporary art has been racing to Mexico recently to see the latest and greatest. In Mexico City, Los Angeles collector Eugenio López opened the Jumex Museum to great fanfare in 2013. Here in the United States, there have been numerous shows spotlighting Mexican artists and art. Here are just a few Mexican artists to check out.



Continuous Fragments, Damián Ortega

Continuous Fragments, Damián Ortega

Damián Ortega works in a variety of media and has been exhibiting at museums internationally for several years. He started his career as a political cartoonist. He now utilizes both intellect and wit to explore culture, economies, and commodity consumption. He manipulates everyday objects to show people how to view mundane matters in new and unique ways. My recent favorites are his rebar graffiti sculptures on the High Line and his Continuous Fragments.


White Cube
144-152 Bermondsey Street
+44 (0) 207 930 5373
Locations in Mason’s Yard, Hong Kong, and São Paulo

Gladstone Gallery
515 West 24th Street
New York City



Pablo Rasgado

Pablo Rasgado


Pablo Rasgado takes materials from daily life and reconstructs them into new compositions. I initially discovered him via his use of painted public walls. Rasgado literally extracts the layers of existing architecture and reattributes the pieces into a new concept. The meaning behind the new pieces relates to the original structure. Sometimes the original structure may be socially, culturally, or architecturally significant. In other circumstances, Rasgado may have been intent on repurposing a specific image. He works and lives in Mexico City, but Pablo Rasgado has exhibited all over the world.


On View Until August 22, 2015
Steve Turner
6830 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles



The Peoples United Nations, Pedro Reyes at Hammer Museum

The People’s United Nations, Pedro Reyes at Hammer Museum


Pedro Reyes is most well known for his large-scale installations addressing social problems. He likes to encourage resolutions for a happier world. This past year, I thoroughly enjoyed his People’s United Nations project at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. In this case, he created three large sculptures and several paintings, and invited ordinary citizens to become “delegates” in order to resolve the world’s most challenging issues. The gathering lasted two days and aimed to include as many of the United Nations members and observer states as possible.


Lisson Gallery
241 Eldridge Street
New York City



Mariana Castillo Deball’s Stelae Storage at the Guggenheim New York

Mariana Castillo Deball’s Stelae Storage at the Guggenheim New York

Castillo Deball explores objects with practical and cultural significance and how they evolve over time. Her focus is primarily on anthropology and archaeology. The overall goal is to connect contemporary art with literature, science, history, archaeology, and philosophy. Castillo Deball divides her time between Berlin and Mexico City. Her work is in numerous public collections and is actually on view now in the Guggenheim Museum New York’s Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim.

Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim
On View Until September 9, 2015
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 Fifth Avenue
New York City


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