I know Fashion Week is ending when the carsickness just won’t let up and the sleep-deprivation headache will not subside regardless of how many Alleves I put away. I refuse to even pay a drop of airtime to the bitter, freezing temps here in New York. The day I discuss weather in New York or traffic in Los Angeles it’s time to throw in the towel on Collectista. For now, I will be thrilled if my nose ever stops running. I finally made it to the front row and I looked like Rudolph (or an alcoholic) as all the Viking women surrounding me were photographed. Sigh…what can you do?

In all seriousness, I am pleased to share that inspiration was abundant! My favorite show, as always, was Libertine. Johnson’s fall 2015 collection is pure genius: collectible, wearable art as always, but more opportunities to work it, in my opinion. There is a plethora (in an exclusive way, of course) of amazing appliqué, text, Pologeorgis fur and jeweled capes, sweaters, dresses, and jackets. However, mixed with Edie Parker clutches, Hue hosiery, and Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes all for Libertine, it is everything. Deciding I couldn’t top it, I switched it up (and arguably smartened up) and spent the remainder of my days visiting showrooms. The universe is clearly pushing designers to be mindful of quality again. The knits at Dsquared2 were to-die-for, and the fabrics and high-fashion creations at Rosie Assoulin were impeccable. At the risk of PETA coming after me (I just know it will happen one of these days), I am kind of swooning over all the fantastic furs. Creatures of the Wind? I mean…beyond. New designers to watch? My call at CFDA is Misha Nonoo and Nomia. We shall see. Similar to all other art forms, the moment is about the artist’s hand, which I saw in the knits, patterns, and thoughtful layering behind fall 2015 fashion. Frankly, it is all so delish I am almost excited for next winter—almost being the operative word. Let’s check in again in August for that one.

Xx Lottie Dottie
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015
New York City
February 11–19, 2015