We all have those friends who wrap their gifts so fabulously, it almost doesn’t matter what is inside. I wanted to be one of those people too. However, I always ended up shredding the ribbon when I tried to curl it, and/or ripping the ends of the paper in my desperate attempts to make everything symmetrical. For a short while, my solution was dropping my gifts at the Paper Source or Sugar Paper to have them wrapped professionally. The results were always stunning, but this routine can eventually become cost prohibitive (that said, at $10 a pop, still not bad for a one-off here and there!). Here are my top 5 tricks for quick and easy gift wrapping.


1) Gift Bags: There is a great-sized bag for any type of gift. Just get gorgeous, coordinating tissue paper, and twine, silk, or grosgrain ribbon to tie around it. No curling necessary!
2) Textured, Neutral, or Metallic Colored Paper: I am kind of over the glossy, primary-, and bright-colored wrapping paper. A glitter, handmade, or organic paper looks oh-so-chic. It is also unexpected and sophisticated to go with a black or metallic patterned paper. Again, wrap twine or a silk ribbon around it and you are good to go. I am a huge fan of brown, bronze, olive, and other jewel-toned ribbons.
3) Tissue Paper: Tissue paper is not a novel concept. But, try utilizing a less-expected color like teal, silver, or bronze.
4) Pretty Gift Tags: I may get attacked for this statement, but cards can be overrated. Unless you have one that is totally hilarious or that says something truly thoughtful and personal, just attach a pretty gift tag.
5) Paper Source: If you aren’t feeling motivated or inclined by any of these suggestions, by all means—delegate! Mastering the art of delegation is a lifesaver—especially during the holidays. For $10 a gift plus the cost of the wrapping materials, you can leave your items at your local Paper Source and they will call you when everything is wrapped!

Xx Lottie Dottie
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