To say I was waiting in a blizzard to enter The Independent fair in March is no exaggeration. It was one of those days when it was snowing at me rather than on me. In order to shield myself from the wind and flakes, I turned toward the building wall. Lo and behold, I was looking into the window of Zach Feuer and came face to face with Brian Rochefort ceramic vessels. Are they goblets or cups? Does it matter? Talk about a silver lining.

Or, should I say, a pastel-glazed lining. Brian Rochefort’s recent series is as yummy as ice cream. The paint is freely dripping, so it looks like it is still wet. Previously most well known for his use of DuPont automotive urethane paint on ceramics, this RISD-educated artist’s cups and vessels employ a variety of glazes. However, similar to his earlier “Goop” sculptures, these vessels feel spontaneous and romantic. The variation in textures, colors, and luster are fantastic. In fact, on the tails of New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t help but think about Prada’s fall 2015 collection. I mean, while it surely wasn’t intentional, the connection is uncanny. Even based in Los Angeles (Prada is based primarily in Italy), an artist can’t help but feel the pulse of art in daily life as never before. Both Prada and Rochefort combine unexpected but wonderful pastels, blacks, and grays. Similarly, they utilize multiple layers and patterns to create an overall stunning palette. Please do enjoy some fabulous Prada/Rochefort pairings on this lovely spring day.

Xx Lottie Dottie

Retrospective Gallery
711 Warren Street
Hudson, New York

Zach Feuer
548 West 22nd Street
New York City