So, one fine day I was hanging out at Harper’s Books. Where I find the time, I can’t even tell you. Anyway, while searching for “art evoking notebooks,” I accidentally discovered true artistic notebooks: Eighty volumes of Presage Fashion Forecast. The fact that this publication’s circulation ended is a crime. If you love fashion, you oughta know Presage Fashion Forecast.

The Presage Fashion Forecast circulated from the 1960s through the mid-1980s. It was published in Paris for an American couture audience. At the time, anyone who knew fashion knew Presage. These gorgeous books, which subscribers received twice a year, were textless, and totally visual and tactile. Each fashion season, six installments were produced: Les Coloris (Color), Les Lainages (Wool), Les Tissés (Woven), Jersey Façonnés Dentelles (Jersey Brocade Lace), Les Imprimés (Print), and Sketch Future (Future Sketch). Each book contained pullout pads. “The intent was for Presage to be a toolbox for creativity forever,” shares Nelson Harst of Harper’s Books (who has actually written a fascinating essay on Presage’s editor, Rosita Fanto). Each volume predicts the future season’s colors, textiles, and prints via a collection of actual swatches and beautiful fashion illustrations, and has its own uniquely artistic cover. Even more fascinating, the pages themselves are of materials that signify the current fashion movement. The 1969 notebook, for instance, is made of Styrofoam and is totally psychedelic. Presage can actually be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Centre Pompidou.

I am kinda thinking anyone who has a passion for fashion can’t live without at least one copy in her personal collection. Depending on the volume’s scarcity, Harper has amazing Presage books available at every imaginable price point.

Xx Lottie Dottie

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