Reading about packing is almost as awful as packing itself. Unfortunately, it is the necessary evil that comes along with a fabulous jaunt. Since you already have my superefficient beach and ski packing lists, this one is a little more luxurious. Today, we are going to shop for items that will make any spring break an art-filled adventure—even if you are planting yourself on a beach, rose in hand, and not more for a week.


Marc Quinn Tote Bag from Art Markit

Marc Quinn Tote Bag From Art Markit

I am a sucker for any blue accessory. But a blue handbag? It’s everything! That is simply because it looks sensational and is neutral but, well, just better. Any art lover can relish the unexpectedness of this Dee Ocleppo and Marc Quinn collaboration.


Jasper Johns Beach Towel

Jasper Johns Beach Towel

Call me Howard Hughes, but depending on the accommodation, some hotel beach towels are not a pretty situation. For sure, none of them are as pleasing to the eye as this Jasper Johns beach towel at Other Criteria.

Other Criteria
Locations in London and Devon, England; and New York City


Nate Lowman Sneakers from Just One Eye

Nate Lowman Sneakers From Just One Eye

No matter where you are traveling and what the ultimate pursuit may be, you must have a great pair of sneakers. Why not have them be Nate Lowman Converse? The best part is, you don’t have to wait outside a store all night or overpay a 14-year-old who did!

Just One Eye
7000 Romaine Street
Los Angeles



Raymond Pettibon Sunglasses

Sand or snow, sunglasses are a must on any spring break. For Your Art collaborates with an artist annually to produce a chic new pair. This year, she collaborated with Alex Israel’s Freeway eyewear and Raymond Pettibon to create these chic shades.


Daniel Arsham Yoga Mat from the Grey Area

Daniel Arsham Yoga Mat From Grey Area

This one may sound unnecessary, but hear me out. I am not even a true yogi but have found myself participating in beautiful early-morning beach, rooftop, and spa yoga all over the world. More and more hotels provide them in the room, but, seriously? I will meditate on my own properly disinfected Daniel Arsham mat, thank you.

Grey Area
165 Clermont Avenue
Xx Lottie Dottie