Flowers evoke so much visual art, I can’t even begin to count the ways (though I have tried all week). A flower was one of the first objects I doodled as a little girl. Today, I decided to go a little crazy and switch it up. I ventured over to Lily Lodge in West Hollywood and downloaded with Ariana Lambert Smeraldo about art that evokes flowers. Ariana, an extremely talented florist who is well versed in fashion and contemporary art, had great ideas about paintings that inspire fabulous-yet-easy arrangements. Go figure, we then executed the arrangements. Here is what I learned:

• If you want a freestanding sculpture, you need foam, glue, and patience. I usually have none of the above. Hence, we used vases and pots.
• A great arrangement isn’t about fussing and accoutrements. It is all about considering the natural texture, height, and movement of the flowers themselves. For instance, if you want to evoke a wave, start with a long stem that has some “droop.”
• Use a container that evokes the period and mood of the art you are imitating.
• Use wire to control and sculpt the stems.
• Creating a simple fresh-flower arrangement can take less than 20 minutes.
• Potted-plant arrangements are a great option for making a totally chic statement.

Now, back to the art. We decided to do a combination of photography- and painting-evoked arrangements. Our inspiration came from Robert Mapplethorpe, Raymond Pettibon, and Jonas Wood. Needless to say, I had lots of fun and the results were quite impressive.

Xx Lottie Dottie

644 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood