I am a huge fan of Antony Gormley, as well as of Florence, Italy. Hence, I was practically losing my mind when I heard that more than 100 Gormley works are now showing in Forte di Belvedere. I mean, it’s only human to want to go see Human right this very moment, no?

Curators Arabella Natalini and Sergio Risaliti have thoughtfully placed Gormley’s works throughout the interiors and courtyards of this extraordinary 16th-century fortress. The land itself has been transformed into an artifact. It has housed many monumental contemporary works, including those by Henry Moore. “I want the viewer to think again about who they are and how they negotiate the spaces around them,” says Sir Gormley. The installation includes works loaned from private collections, as well as new pieces available for acquisition. They derive from Gormley’s series “Critical Mass” and “Blockworks.” Gormley uses his own body as the basis for his art. He views the body as a place rather than as an object. Having cast figures out of iron, clay, and various materials, he has played with both negative and positive space in order to explore where humans belong relative to nature and the universe. Hence, it makes perfect sense that his work would take up residence in a city where masters like Michelangelo and Donatello examined man’s relationship with architecture. This show is a beautiful conversation between past and present. Sooo, if you were thinking about popping over to Italy this summer, here is yet another rationalization to make the journey. Fai un buon viaggio!

Xx Lottie Dottie

On View Until September 27, 2015
Forte di Belvedere
Via del Forte di San Giorgio
Florence, Italy
+39 055 217704