Every refined woman’s last pre-holiday to-do list item is a final mani/pedi. This one appointment really is life-altering and necessary after I have closed out those last minute business items, packed, and jumped on my bags so they will close (it ain’t over until the fat lady sits on your luggage). Timing is everything for my pre-vacation mani/pedi – I do not want to be extorted for a spa polish change at the resort. Additionally, I must choose a color that looks sexy on the beach but also coordinates with my resort footwear.

During my five o’clock appointment the day before heading to the Caribbean, I chose a neutral for my nails to disguise the inevitable chipping and sun damage that was bound to occur over the next two weeks. However, my personality shines through with my toes. I firmly believe a woman’s polish color choice is actually part of her identity. My mother always told me, “The first thing a person notices are your teeth, nails, and toes — so always take good care of them.” Yeesh.

To make a good first impression, you must really know your geography: In Manhattan, people first notice your shoes and jacket. In Los Angeles, it’s definitely your car. It could very well be that on the beach, a first impression is based on your toe nail polish. With so much hanging on this choice, I picked “Wrapped in Riches” by Morgan Taylor. My toes could’ve passed for mermaid fins with this turquoise color fit for the glitterati. It’s got me thinking how such a cheap and cheerful gesture as a nail polish color can make any girl feel so damned pretty.

Here are my favorite beach pedicure colors for you to enjoy on your own twinkle toes.

Xx Lottie Dottie

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