Bonjour mes amours! Fashion is looking fabulous for Autumn/Winter 2014. It’s all about color and so am I. Black is slenderizing, but it is oh so fun to be the pop of color in a sea of boring. Hence, it was only natural that I eventually happened upon Jane Carr.

Jane has been designing coveted eclectibles (I know…this word is almost as fabulous as Collectista but we won’t go there right now) since 2005. She started the collection with printed scarves because she wanted to reinvent a classic accessory. Originally intended as gifts for friends to enjoy, she was quickly approached by a Japanese department store and that’s how the business began. At Paris Fashion Week in 2010, Jane introduced modern, handmade Italian gloves to coordinate with her scarves and create a complete look. She says Paris is the most important city for her brand. Its fashion week concludes the fashion calendar and is where orders are placed and trends are decided for the coming season. “As an accessories brand, we fit in with the trend or stand-alone.” I can sooo relate — not to make it all about me. As Jane Carr is based in London, she says Paris Fashion Week is like a reunion each season. When here, Jane likes to stay with friends in Place des Vosges in the Marais, a very dynamic part of the city. Her favorite places to eat are Chez Julien, Le Grand Colbert, and a great new Korean restaurant just north of Palais-Royal (name somebody?!). Another favorite Parisian activity is to walk the city streets in the early morning sun as it’s reflecting from the rooftops. She won’t be attending any shows this week because she is too busy with meetings and dinners. At least she found time to tell us two new ways to wear our scarves and download.

Two Ways to Tie a Scarf:

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

An all time classic and favourite, supported by a lot of celebrities! To get the look, take your square scarf and hold it into a triangle. Then drape it around your neck so that it looks like a bib. Bring the ends forward and let them hang naturally. The perfect way to style either a little black dress and a leather jacket!

The Choker

The Choker

This style is an all-time European classic! To achieve this look you will need a lightweight silk scarf running low and narrow. Drape the scarf around your neck, making sure to pull one end longer than the other. Loop the longer end across and around the neck. Pull the loop all the way across. Pull on the long end of the scarf to adjust the loop around the neck and make sure each end falls straight.


I see an image, often very randomly, and it starts a thought process, a word, an object, a poem, a film. This then builds like a library of ideas and it soon snowballs. I often start a board of images that I can glance at across the studio. The S/S 14 collection “Fireflies” is inspired by the Burning Man Festival and by the cosmic poet and philosopher Sun Ra who was also a jazz musician.

I am addicted to nail polish. Some people buy souvenirs or food when abroad, I buy nail polish! I think it’s because when I see the small glass bottles together it reminds me of a painter’s palette. The colour I choose changes every day depending on my mood.

At the moment I am listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac!

I like to think I was extroverted but to be honest, naturally I’m not.

My father is an artist and when I was little he would create the window displays at Harvey Nichols. I remember sitting in the window and watching him work. Glancing out to the street and seeing the endless people walking past in the current trends. I soon learnt this was my currency, my way of thinking.

I recently joined the committee of Performance Art at the Whitney museum in New York as performance is such an important part of how contemporary art is now read.

Xx Lottie Dottie

Jane Carr
Available at Luxury Department Stores and Boutiques