Every City has a couple goddess like, inspiring trainers. In New York, Bergen Wheeler is the one.

Bergen Wheeler was trained as a professional dancer and grew up practically living in her mom’s dance studio. She’s also a gymnast and a former soccer player. Ultimately, Bergen transitioned to instruction because she simply couldn’t survive as a dancer in New York. She explains that her “voice” suited teaching better than being a part of a professional dance company. Through physicality, she achieves health and happiness; as she points out, “It’s way cheaper than therapy.” I likey her style.

The longer I am on this earth (not thaaaat long, thank you), the more sensitive I have become to people’s energy. Don’t you meet certain humans you want to be around because they make you be your best you? Of course, there are also those who bring out our worst and, well, we will just not give those types any additional time or attention!

Anywho…Bergen introduced her new class, CFX (Core Fusion Extreme), at the latest Exhale location, which is quickly becoming a favorite amongst those who want the most out of their workouts. I can’t tell you how many times friends have sent their regrets for überchic events because it would interfere with their Bergen classes. Why? Because her pace and energy are game changers. Seriously, her no-nonsense attitude, which she balances with her sweet side, allows her to get the best out of each and every student. Bergen crosses lines, holds people accountable, and offers her students much personal attention. She is a tireless and dedicated instructor, leading 20 classes each week throughout the various Exhale locations.

If you are worried you can’t hack it, the classes are not intimidating. They all have perfectly timed music, which one can hear in the physical moves.
Clients range from 20-something women to young moms to grandparents. Each student leaves Bergen feeling a whole lot lighter as they have unloaded themselves on the exercise. Bergen Wheeler and CFX are an absolute must for anyone who cares about health and wellness!

Get to know more about the amazing Bergen, with whom I had the privilege of downloading prior to the opening of Exhale Flatiron.


My process goes down a little like a checklist:

-Wake up…snooze for an hour!!!
-Homemade cappuccino (I am honing my craft).
-A kiss.
-Boiled eggs and yam, prep for the day.
-Shower and put my face on.
-A little animal time.
-Fill my ENORMOUS Klean Kanteen.
-Walk out the door, headphones in.
-Loud music for class.
-Train ride, plan class, and play a little Candy Crush.
-Another coffee, clock in, and I’M READY!!!
-Class starts, read the room and see where they are, and finalize the plan.

I collect refrigerator magnets from all over the world, brought to me by my friends and “jet-setting” clients. I love unique, corny, and uncommon magnets. Honestly, I just love them all. Simple pleasures!

Oh, my God, I could never just have one. It changes maybe every 15 minutes. I do love songs that have a driving rhythm or a strong lyric, anything that moves me. Slow, fast, techno, classical, rap, country, pop—all will do. I just want to “feel” it!

The person that inspires me most: a real toughie. It’s not just one. I could say my mom, and that’s certainly true, but there are so many people in my family and that I see on a daily basis that inspire me as well. A person that shows consistency, commitment, strength through hardship, openness, courage, and my favorite and biggest challenge: true confidence and joy!

I was born prematurely, and since then my family has been deeply invested in raising money for pediatric programming in our local hospitals back in North Carolina. When a child is unwell, there never seems to be enough one can do to remedy the situation or support them in their family’s time of need. I will continue my efforts in supporting this cause and bring hope (in any way) to those who need it.

Xx Lottie Dottie

Exhale Flatiron
19 West 21st Street
New York, NY
(212) 279-4009