It is no secret that with a great set of lashes, you are set. Our thick, fabulous, fresh childhood lashes are one of the main reasons we could roll out of bed looking fabulous sans makeup back in the day. Sadly, thinning lashes are a part of natural aging, years of eye rubbing, manipulating your eyes to accommodate contact lenses, and chemicals found in common mascaras. Lash extensions are an easy answer. However, for many years I was hesitant to apply them because I was told they would make my natural lashes fall out. After all, hadn’t I learned my lesson with hair extensions? Recently, the wind beneath my Collectista wings introduced me to Sarah Maxwell Beauty and it changed everything. In addition to being the best makeup artist, she is a true expert on lash extensions.

Sarah has been a makeup artist since 2003, and trained with Nick Chatman in London. Her first “real” job was with MAC cosmetics, and now she works with beauties primarily in the U.S. and London. While it can be challenging to deal with other women’s insecurities as well as her own (“Did I do a great job?”), she loves hanging out with people and making them feel good about themselves. When she became obsessed with lashes, Sarah trained with a “lashologist” who works with eye surgeons. Here is her advice for wearing extensions while preserving your natural lashes.

  1. Mink and Silk: Sarah utilizes mink and silk lashes. The eyelid is very thin skin and easily irritated. Hence, mink is the best material for lash extensions, as it is very soft and doesn’t poke people. Also, mink lashes have a sheen that looks almost like mascara. There are many different grades of synthetic lashes. Lower grades look almost dusty and very matte. Sarah mixes in the silk lashes because they look a little more real and add variety and dimension.
  2. Highest-Quality Material: Within different lash materials, there are different grades. It is worth paying a little more for the highest-quality lashes and glue. They won’t irritate your eyelids or block new lash growth. It’s an investment in you.
  3. Patience: A proper lash application takes about two hours. During the process, each lash is placed a drop away from the lash line to allow continued natural growth. We get new lashes every 30 to 60 days, and if we were to place extensions right on the base, it would prevent new lash growth.
  4. Lash Shape: Women often make the mistake of following trends that are not age- or lifestyle-appropriate. Further, lash length and design depend on your eye shape. Everyone requests length at the outer eye corner, but that often makes the eye appear to sag. The length should match the brow arch in order to bring everything up.
  5. Lash TLC: Clients want immediate and permanent solutions, but it takes caring for your lashes and the extensions to maintain both. Extensions need to be brushed daily with Sarah’s special tool. You should not apply mascara onto the extensions, and Sarah recommends promoting your own lash growth with GrandeLASH-MD nightly.

Enjoy your lush lashes and learn more from Sarah in our download below!


WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS? Obsess—over everything beauty. Be still—find inspiration in silence. Research—shapes, colors, textures. Prep—kit, tools, mind. Do—outline, play, create! Repeat.

Makeup and memories.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. It’s a lil’ true for me and a lil’ funny too!

Many actions of many outstanding people inspire me to build my character and my brand. What inspires me to be a better person is my daughter.

Those who are homeless strike such a chord for me, on so many levels. The Integrated Recovery Network is a wonderful organization that makes a huge impact on people’s road to recovery.

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Photo Credit: Frank Terry