Who doesn’t have a special place in their hearts for a great Georgia O’Keeffe, or Monet water lilies? I mean, even Giorgio Morandi’s still-life flowers make me a little giddy. Nonetheless, my favorite flowers of late, besides the real deal, are coming up in contemporary art. The unexpected traditional theme is especially fun when it appears as or within abstract works. In fact, there are three shows in New York springing up right now.


54 Francesca DiMattie Domestic Sculpture



Francesca DiMattio is a young but museum-collected artist who creates paintings and sculpture that combine ideas and media from differing periods and traditions. I am wild about how she manages to piece together so many languages in such a fluid fashion. My introduction to DiMattio came via my passion for interesting ceramics. However, my adoration for porcelain and china, which she incorporates into her freestanding objects, sealed the deal. The unexpected juxtapositions in her pieces are endless. There is a conversation between past and present, masculine and feminine, beauty and imperfection, and construction and destruction. And, not only are there beautiful flowers on her art, but many pieces can actually function as vases.

Francesca DiMattio
Salon 94 Bowery
243 Bowery
New York City


27 Willem de Rooij Rye Wonk sm



Willem de Rooij is a Dutch artist known for his “weavings.” The floral works in his current show could be interpreted as “pictures.” Apparently, though, his tapestries are always intended to extract meaning from their inherent materials, not from external references. Similarly, the accompanying vases of flowers are not as simple as they seem. Yes, they are aesthetically pleasing. However, these floral sculptures that he has been designing for over a decade are meant to provoke ideas about individuality versus the collective, diversity, and an examination of collaborations (like those with florists).

Willem de Rooij
Petzel Gallery
456 West 18th Street
New York City


10 Travess Smalley at Foxy Production copy



Travess Smalley blends many processes, including digital and analog printing. More specifically, he draws, photocopies, scans, collages, and cuts. His work addresses issues of data preservation and transfer. The floral images in his current show evoke many different art genres like still-life painting, Pop Art, and Abstract Expressionism. They are presented in three different forms: large ink-jet aluminum mounted prints, an artist’s book of drawings, and a short story, “Bloom.” It is a perfect show to celebrate that spring has finally sprung in New York.

Travess Smalley
Foxy Production
623 West 27th Street
New York City