I have never really considered myself a “car person.” That said, I continue to catch myself having detailed conversations about my preferred pickup speed, what I don’t like about my car’s suspension, and the contact one car has with the road over others. Am I becoming a patrol head? No way…I just spend too much time in my car when I am in L.A. At any rate, one doesn’t have to be a car buff to appreciate all the cars that pop up in contemporary art. Hence, here are a few good works for the road!



ron arad car art

Ron Arad

Arad is best known for his art-meets-design functional pieces. My personal favorite is a stainless-steel table-tennis table—you should know the artist has a passion for the game. In his latest exhibit, Arad continued to explore his curiosity of form, structure, and functionality. However, here, he reverses the materials’ functional purposes by transforming them into unique objects.


Paul Kasmin Gallery
293 Tenth Avenue
New York City



Vik Munez, New Car

Vik Muniz, New Car

Vik Muniz’s photographs of collages are very popular amongst my New York collector friends. He is brilliant with utilizing both interesting and found materials to create new larger, thematic images. In New Car, Muniz used found family photographs to create one large image of a young man with his new car.


Sikkema Jenkins
530 West 22nd Street
New York City



Chris Burden,  Metropolis II. Photo: LACMA Unframed

Chris Burden, Metropolis II. Photo: LACMA Unframed.

Chris Burden made so many monumental contributions to the Los Angeles art world during his lifetime. One of my favorites was Metropolis II. This installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a multilevel car track and city with toy cars racing through it. This piece is the perfect way to get your young children to realize they can actually have fun at an art museum.


Chris Burden: Ode to Santos Dumont
On View Until June 21
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles

Xx Lottie Dottie